#EuSouCapaz is an initiative that aims to endow and support young people in developing an entrepreneurial spirit that will have an impact in their communities. Through #EuSouCapaz, young people obtain access to learning tools and reflect on their environment and their attitudes.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a workshop that prepares the entrepreneurs in presenting (pitching) their business ideas, equipping them with the competencies in communication, focus, story telling and self-confidence necessary for success.

Descola o Teu Negócio

Descola o Teu Negócio is a business consolidation and entrepreneurial orientation program meant for the initial phase of its journey. By strengthening core competencies, from soft skills to management, business models are defined and adjusted.


FEMTECH is a training and mentorshipprogram designed for female entrepreneurs focussed on growth – both providing the practical tools, access and know-how to grow their business, as well as to grow as effective entrepreneur business leaders.. Participants also become part of the Femmies Network (a contact, support and sharing network) which currently has 99 members spread across Mozambique.

Business in a Box

Business in a Box was one of the 54 winners out of 800 competing innovations in the DREAMS INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2016. Business in a Box builds a bridge to self-employment through the development of two business concepts in specific areas of the bottom of the wealth pyramid that fit in the market and can be replicated through a system of micro-franchising.

Business M+

The Business M+ initiative was one of 64 semi-finalists out of 450 candidates for the Hiil Innovating Justice Challenge 2016. Business M+ is an innovative approach to promote fair markets, empowering entrepreneurs with an array of skills needed to formalize, manage and grow their businesses in a sustainable way as well as to promote access to financing.

PME Pronta

PME Pronta, a partnership with Impacto Capital, is a platform for the acceleration of financing for Small and Medium Enterprises through an integrated support service that includes the preparation, application and management of bank financing.